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A big part of our mission is community outreach. We accomplish this goal by not only donating a portion of sales to John Pauls' Heart of a Lion Foundation, but also by donating juices to  food banks, churches, childcare centers, and many more!


If you know of a non-profit organization that could use a donation of juices please contact us & we will be happy to reach out.

Organic Juice
John Paul Heart of a Lion Foundation

For our family, there wasn't suppose to be hope.  Our newborn son, John Paul, had been born with a half-functioning heart that was unable to pump blood throughout his tiny body. 

John Paul might have had only half a heart, but his was a heart of unbounded courage and strength.

Through John Paul, God reveals how our weakness can become our greatest strength. 

This is the story of John Paul's life, a story of grace, everyday miracles and, most of all, hope.


Food Bank of Central & Eastern Carolina

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